Teen Camp

Teen camp provides a week of activities and games. There are four class periods consisting of a mix of activities that campers can chose from. There are also outdoor games, beach time, a bit of free time in addition to special activities throughout the week, such as capture the flag, a talent show where campers and staff can share a short story or special song, and themed banquet dinner (varies from year to year). Teen camp has a focus on friendship, group activities, and getting to know Jesus.

Approximate Schedule

8:00 am Wake Up
8:45 am Breakfast and Duties
9:30 am Camp Council
10:30 am 1st Class
11:35 am 2nd Class
12:45 pm Lunch and Duties
1:30 pm Store Open/Free Time
2:30 pm 3rd Class
3:35 pm 4th Class
4:40 pm Beach Time
5:45 pm Supper and Duties
6:30 pm Camp Activity
8:00 pm Campfire
10:00 pm Prepare for Bed/Devotions
10:30 pm Lights Out