Donate Today! 

By donating to Camp Pugwash, you can help show Jesus to others. Your funds will go toward sending kids to camp, passion projects, and most importantly, furthering our mission of showing Jesus to everyone that steps foot on our site. 

Some of our passion projects include:

  • Water blow-ups and dock
  • Prayer walk
  • Bonfire/Amphitheatre worship place
  • Ropes course
  • ATVs and track
  • Gymnastics equipment
  • Electrical upgrade
  • Auditorium insulation and heating
  • Storage facility
  • Playground enhancement
  • Birdhouse cabin updates
  • “You are Here” maps around the campground
  • Enlargement of the freezer/office/nursing section of the cafeteria
  • Youth cabin and barrack updates. 

In Matthew 14:13-21, we see a willing boy with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes. With his giving spirit, he happily gave all He had to further Jesus’ work. As He blessed the food, it multiplied abundantly, more than anyone could have ever imagined. We have faith that God will do the same with the donations we receive. Whatever you can give, big or small, we believe just like in this miracle, God will bless the funds and will multiply them to further his work, right here at Camp Pugwash.

We thank you in advance for being a willing, cheerful giver.