“A place for teens to become disciples.”

This is a two-week journey into Jesus’ life and the incredible truths God has revealed about Himself through His son, Jesus, and His Word, the Bible. So what does our Creator, the deity who breathed stars into existence, want to tell you? By the end of this adventure, you’ll know! Whether you’re a new Christian, just getting started on your walk, or a teen who’s been walking with Jesus their whole life, your relationship with Him will become deeper and stronger!

Each day you will be filled with all the good things of Pugwash, including recreation opportunities, solitude in our nature, and daily progress in understanding the great mysteries of God through dynamic active experiences! If you are 15-19 years old and want to take the next step of becoming a true disciple of Christ, this is that opportunity.

Follow the application and acceptance process and register for DiscipleTrek. Each applicant must write a one page description of why they want to be a part of DiscipleTrek and what they hope to experience. Two recommendation forms from the following are required: pastor/chaplain, elder, teacher, youth leader, or Pathfinder director. Allow (2) two weeks for processing once your application is completed.

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