Camp Details


There are multiple payment options available (read your confirmation email once you’ve registered!). Only one account is needed per family with the possibility for multiple camps/campers. 



Phone Usage

Call the main office to have your questions answered, 902-243-2097.  If you need to call your child, please do so if it is an emergency. Any cell phones campers bring will be kept safe in the office, and only used if an evening call is requested.



Photos & Updates

Images will be posted on Facebook and Instagram provided permission is given. We cannot guarantee you will see your child throughout the week and cannot take requests for photos of specific campers, but you will get a good overview of camp activity. In addition to social media, there will also be a slide show highlighting the week’s activities shown during Sunday lunch around check-out time.

You can also get the inside scoop on our Camp Pugwash Facebook page and Instagram account @camp_pugwash.



Camp Rules

The Camp Director reserves the right to reject an applicant and to send home any child whose influence is considered injurious to the best interest of the camp and/or campers.

Campers are expected to be respectful of others including other campers, staff, and camp belongings.

Due to safety, health concerns and camp environment, we request that campers do not bring electronic devices, computers, cellular phones, skateboards, scooters, jewellery, pets, knives, guns, ammunition, fireworks, matches, tobacco, vaping devices, alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia to camp.



Medical Help & Safety

Camp Pugwash is proud of it’s safety record. A first-responder is available at the camp office 24 hours a day. Camp Pugwash is not staffed to provide a full service special medical needs program. Contact is made immediately in the case of an injury or emergency. If the camper brings any medications to camp, they must be brought in the original bottle and turned into our first responder at camper check-in. Our staff works hard to maintain a safe camping environment. 

Please Note: Instruct your child prior to check-in to speak to their cabin or activity leader if they have any needs emotionally (anxiety), or physically (discomfort). If our staff are aware of their needs, they will get help!

What if a Camper gets Homesick?

Through our many years of experience we’ve learned three things: 1) by watching for early signs of discomfort, homesickness is usually avoidable; 2) once parents are out of sight, cabin leader and other campers come into focus and the fun starts; and 3) parents are usually more uneasy about leaving their children than the children are about leaving their parents. Many parents have found that they can prevent homesickness by encouraging their children to spend a night or two away from home before camp starts.


Staff Selection

Great camps start with the best staff.  We never hire on a whim or perception, only with unquestioning recommendations of highly credible people who know them well.  Staff employment requires a formal application, three recommendation forms, and an interview with the Camp Director.  A background check is run on each person hired.



Friends Can Stay Together If…

Campers are assigned to cabins according to their request, and on a “first come, first serve” basis.  This will enable cabin leader supervision at all times throughout the week, and will enhance your check-in experience on Sunday.  When registering online, register on the same day for the same activity to insure availability.  If mailing your applications, mail applications to the office in the same envelope.



Seven Totally Healthy Days

Sunshine, fresh ocean air, up-lifting role models, lots of exercise and food (complete vegetarian meals) all combine to provide our campers with seven healthy days!



Camp Store

At our own on site camp store, campers buy Camp Pugwash mementos including caps, sweatshirts, T-shirts, snacks, etc.  We suggest $25-$50 spending money.  You may include store money when paying for camp fees.  We encourage campers to keep their money in the camp store bank where it is safe and they have access to it during all camp store hours. 

Any money left in your camper’s store account will be credited back to the online account your camper was registered under. The funds will remain on the account for future use unless you email our main office within 2 weeks and request a refund. If camp store funds were given in cash, the remaining cash will be returned at check-out.



Camper Check-In

Camper Check-In at camp is on Monday from 3:00 – 4:30 pm (Atlantic Standard Time). Because our staff is totally involved in camp preparations, we cannot accept early camper check-ins or have parents drop off campers early. The campers’ first meal is Monday supper and last meal is the following Sunday Lunch.



Camper Check-Out

Check-out time for campers is 12:00 – 1:00 pm, Sunday (Atlantic Standard Time), in the cafeteria. Parents/Guardians are invited to join us for Sunday lunch, get to know your child’s camp friends and the staff who looked after them all week.

Because your child’s safety is a priority, it is our policy for the parent/guardian to inform us of the pick-up arrangements when registering your child and then to sign out the following Sunday. If your check-out plans change, call the camp office at 902-243-2097 so we can send your child home according to your directions.